We designed a communication plan to teach children how to eat by promoting the Mediterranean diet as a healthy way of eating. This communication plan included several actions and I was responsible for defining the graphic style and drawing the illustrations that accompanied these actions.

The first activity was to encourage children (and adults) to take a quiz to find out which food from the Mediterranean diet they were. Here are some examples of the illustrations that accompanied the answers to the quiz

Unos amigos se plantan en casa por sorpresa y tienes que preparar algo rápido y sencillo para cenar:

a) I’m always prepared for such occasions. Nothing that I can’t solve with some canned food and dried fruit.

b) A salad, a simple dish and a delicious fruit salad for dessert – I always have fruit at home!

c) I always have cheese of different types at home. I can make some toast and enjoy the variety.

In an imaginary situation, what would you take with you to a desert island?

a) A kit for cooking, a pot, some oil, salt, a plate…etc.

b) I only need a tool to be able to reach the fruit of the trees – I could live on coconuts!

c) A deserted island? with nobody? I need people!

Survey results

Most a):

You are one of the basic pillars in your group of friends. You bring the necessary joy to every time and place. You manage to be versatile on all kinds of occasions, while maintaining your more traditional side. You stand out for your essence and your poise, everyone wants to be by your side.

Most b):

You bring the freshness needed to get through any day and you are the friend everyone calls on when they need a distraction. You have grown up surrounded by good friends and this has given you an affable and empathetic character. You stand out for your cheerfulness, always ready to offer your best smile.

Most c):

You love to be surrounded by people and to feel the affection of your family and friends. You get on well with anyone who wants to get to know you, you have no problem making new friends and you adapt like no one else to new situations. If there is one thing you stand out for, it is your simplicity that makes you indispensable.

Another of the social media actions was «complete the sentence». For this action, food from the Mediterranean diet had to represent a superhero or fictional character.

Every week, recipes were published that were presented in a fun way so that the children not only ate a balanced diet, but also had fun making the dishes. Here are some examples:

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